June 11, 2012

Georgie Hopton - The Wounded Tulip

Luxury Beans, Georgie Hopton 2011

In artist Georgie Hopton's world, decay is where things really start to come alive: tulips past their prime loll lasciviously from their vases, beans harvested too late gleam with a coat of gold paint. The Wounded Tulip is Hopton's second solo exhibition at Poppy Sebire, and she continues to zigzag between painting, sculpture, prints and photography, with side trips into gardening and craft.

Georgie Hopton: quietly virtuosic.

Her work is a quietly virtuosic hall of mirrors where sculptures start as photos, and photos begin as spring plantings in her garden.

Ikebana, Georgie Hopton 2012

In this show, Hopton has identified a kinship with Ikebana, the highly ordered art of Japanese flower arranging. Ikebana's odd architecture of flowers juxtaposed with “junk” creeps into The Wounded Tulip, where nature is offered unnaturally: handmade and in the wrong colors.

Submission, Georgie Hopton 2012

Some of her “flowers” are gift-wrapping bows caked in paint, another, the supine tulip sculpture entitled Submission, is a blocky Cubist monument atop a jarringly grand plinth. A small framed mirror in the shape of a teardrop is a droll comment on the roomful of exhausted virtual flowers, all sad but sweet, vulnerable yet valiant.

Gauntlet, Georgie Hopton 2012

This is new work that feels broken-in and well-loved, like it's already been with us for a long time.

At Poppy Sebire to 16 June 2012.


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